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Software Development

Our software engineers think the world is a very exciting place. They write some mean code. They've brought high usability and high functionality to mission critical defense communication devices, Class II medical devices and smartphone apps. They can twiddle bits way down deep in a product enabling new communication links. They love using the latest design patterns to reach rich user interfaces that pop. They are happy that iPhone and Android have raised the stakes. Enterprise Architect, JIRA, Mercurial, and Clocksharp are tools in their back pockets that help drive a development process that starts with your custom requirements and ends with "Wow - how did you do that so fast?!" Software is not only their profession; it's their passion.



Design, testing and implementation of the code which brings your device to life and powers a seamless user experience.

  • General Embedded (No OS, RTOS, WinCE/Windows Embedded, Linux, PLC, FPGA, drivers, open source package integration)
  • Application/Middleware (Windows, Android, iOS, Linux)
  • Server/Web (AWS integration, various frameworks, DBs, open source packages, payment systems)
  • UI/UX development (across all platforms including QT, WPF, custom controls, touch gesturing frameworks)
  • Wireless Communications (Cellular 4G/3G/GSM, Satellite, BT/BTLE, WiFi, Zigbee, ANT+, RFID, IR, NFC, Qi, Various IoT frameworks)
  • Wired Communications (SPI, RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN, Ethernet/TCP/UDP, USB, ARINC 429/485/717)
  • Quality Assurance (QA) (Automated test frameworks, System Test, UT/FUIT/UAT, Black/White box test, verification)
  • Process (ISO 9000,  ITAR, Medical device class I/II/III, DO-160/178/278, Agile, Waterfall)
  • Software Project/Program Management
  • Version Control/Change Tracking/Code Review & Static Analysis Tools (Subversion, Mercurial, GIT, JIRA, Crucible, KlocWork, Lint)
  • Program Languages (C, C++, C#, Objective C, Java/JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Python, Perl, SQL, XML, XAML, Design Patterns, .NET)



Connected Blood Glucose Meter

Sierra Portable In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) System




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