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Neopenda neoGuard™

Wireless Vital Signs Monitor

Each year, 2.6M babies die in their first 30 days of life. 98% of these deaths are in the developing world and 80% are preventable. neoGuard is a wireless clinical vital signs monitor is designed to be a low-cost solution for emerging markets that do not have access to traditional, expensive medical equipment.


neoGuardTM pushes instant notifications and data of patients

in distress


neoGuardTM is cost-effective, reusable, increases mobility,

flexibility, and comfort


The initial concept was designed with a focus on resource-constrained healthcare facilities in Uganda. With a solid understanding of stakeholder needs, preferences, and limitations of these healthcare facilities, the project team developed a low-cost solution using critical feedback throughout the iteration process. Working in parallel with industrial design, PDT provided mechanical and electrical engineering, firmware, prototyping, and Design History File (DHF) support to comply with U.S. FDA regulations.



neoGuardTM offers continuous measurement of four key vital

signs: pulse rate, respiratory rate, Sp02, and temperature

engineering & PROTOTYPING

Our hardware team identified critical components, developed an internal architecture, and miniaturized electronics for a small form factor for neonates. Seamless collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineering resulted in precise component layout, sensor integration, and cost savings during production. Our engineers focused on power consumption optimization to minimized energy usage, ensure long battery life, and reduce the need for frequent recharging. Software verification testing and firmware updates ensured accurate data collection from sensor readings to support future hardware revisions and features. Durable prototypes made of polyetherimide (PEI) thermoplastic were used for comfort, robust construction, easy sanitization, and its ability to maintain design simplicity.



Neopenda conducted extensive testing to verify device usability and functionality in over 43 different hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States and Uganda. The neoGuard design combines form with function, marrying a rugged package with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days. neoGuard provides critical real-time data for healthcare workers to quickly respond, provide efficient care, and help neonatal patients survive.

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