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Life Fitness Discover user interface

The Discover user interface delivers the personalized technology today’s plugged-in exercisers demand that functions much like other personal electronic devices such as tablets, making it easier to navigate between screens.

Life Fitness Discover User Interface

Discover UI framework

The team designed a UI framework that surmounted a host of challenges, such as the organization of exercise information and content, new to the market end-user delighters, personal content, ensuring the ability to operate while in motion, as well as developing a UI that allows for future updates.

UI Framework

Life Fitness treadmill and interface screenshots

To quickly enable users to navigate Discover, the interface menu is made of a single row of content panels that a user can swipe or jump to through quick buttons, in order to access internet, social networking, television, music, personal content, exercises, workout data and games.

Swift Navigation

Revisualized user interface for workout data

The team revisualized workout data including improving graphics and providing richer information. With a swipe of a finger, users navigate seamlessly between entertainment and workouts.

Revisualizing Workout Data

A simple user interface design for Life Fitness Discover

Working to create a simple interface design, the team cut down on the number of screens to complete a task. The workout setup including age, weight and height is editable in a single view. Lists live in the same environment as content eliminating the need to leave the screen to navigate.

A Simple Interface

Life Fitness menu panel

Each menu panel can grow to fill screen visibility to reduce visual clutter while still showing the preferred information. When viewing videos, the buttons become transparent allowing users to focus on full screen view.

Reducing Visual Clutter

Life Fitness user interface

The user interface was flexible not only for the users, but also for Life Fitness to enable them to offer seamless updates over time. The team provided a framework that can be used and adjusted moving forward, allowing them to bridge in other technologies and partners.


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