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Currently the majority of laboratories that conduct sample processing of protein require numerous hours, volumes of samples and multiple pieces of equipment to obtain an immunoprecipitation sample. By understanding the work flow of MAGic, we had the opportunity to adjust, alter and enhance the ease of use and efficiency of the test procedure.


Invitrogen research

The challenge was in creating a solution that encompasses the knowledge gained from our research while learning from countless experiments into a design language that promoted the ideals of the client. Also of importance was the ability to focus the user on the work while addressing issues like fatigue and appropriateness for environment.


Invitrogen prototype

By employing “real time design” practices, we applied virtual theories into physical prototypes. This process enabled our engineers and designers to work in parallel making alterations in the design to fabricate and confirm solutions.

Creating Solutions

Invitrogen thermal dynamics chart

In order for MAGic to deliver what it promises, we had to address thermal dynamic issues. The unit was required to heat up, maintain temperature and cool down during protocols. We created a prototype to conduct basic feasibility analysis to understand the ramp rates and capacities of the current design.


A previously complex process was transformed into a uniquely friendly and approachable device for Invitrogen.

Our world class craftsmen achieved extremely tight tolerances on the eight models created for testing and visual representation. Life Technologies excited their customer base with the prototypes and built anticipation for the revolutionary device’s launch. The robust, elegant design increased MAGic’s perceived value, boosting profit margin significantly.

A Revolutionary Device

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