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Military & Defense

Developing ruggedized military equipment requires a rare skill set. PDT is focused on advanced technologies and C5ISR equipment for the future Warfighter and first responder. PDT is ITAR registered and uniquely qualified to design, develop, and manufacture complex MIL-STD electronics that must withstand the most intense environments on Earth.

military and defense product design
military and defense product design
military and defense product design



Contextual exploratory and in-depth research fuels our design work with a firm understanding of end users and their in-field requirements. These insights, which are then translated directly into engineered solutions, deliver on the specialized functional and ergonomic needs of military and government personnel.

Industrial Design


From portable communications to heavy equipment engineered to survive the rigors of the most challenging environments, PDT is among the few consultancies recognized for its ability to design for this demanding market.

Human Factors & Ergonomics


For soldiers in the field and first responders, every ounce counts. Through smart application of materials and savvy electronics packaging, PDT can shrink the size of wearable electronics and shape their form factors to facilitate

ease of movement.

military and defense product design
military and defense product design
military and defense product design

Systems Integration


Systems integration of the latest technologies can be a complex endeavor, but it's standard practice for our team. In a world of continually evolving tech-driven capabilities, soldiers and first responders demand that the latest technologies be integrated into their systems to accomplish mission-critical tasks.

Process Design


Our teams have broken down some of the toughest process challenges in order to build them back up into smarter, more efficient operational structures that win the approval of management and users alike.

User Experience & Software


An engaging user interface is increasingly the heart of consumers' experience with your product, and a great user experience is critical to your bottom line. PDT's UX and software teams develop intuitive, organized graphics and information architecture for any device with a screen.

military and defense product design
military and defense product design
military and defense product design

Electrical Engineering


Approximately 80% of the products PDT brings to life feature a power button. Our electrical engineers create PCB layouts and component architecture at the earliest stage of each project, and incorporate power management, component integration, and effective component placement into the design process to optimize form factor and usability.

Mechanical Engineering


C4ISR technologies play a vital role in the everyday lives of military personnel, and our forces rely on cutting-edge engineering to dominate in harsh operational environments. Our mechanical engineering team designs solutions that stand up to the most stringent military specifications for water immersion, sand exposure, temperature variations and impact resistance.



PDT's in-house prototype shop is staffed by highly technical craftspeople who fabricate precision models for field-testing and validation, evaluation, and marketing purposes.

military and defense product design
military and defense product design

Quality Assurance


The rigorous testing required for defense and public safety devices is handled by PDT's quality assurance team. We are fully equipped to conduct testing for a myriad challenges including drop, immersion, life cycle, temperature and ingress.

Manufacturing & Assembly


Our local 167,000 SF manufacturing facility is
AS 9100, ISO 9001, and ISO 14000 certified with employees trained in Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S. Our global sourcing team also leverages a trusted network of partners in Asia.


Ku-Band Portable Satellite Terminal

Ultra-Rugged Smartphones for Public Safety

LTE-Enabled Multi-Band Portable Radio

Tactical Manpack (MP) Radio




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