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For up to 10 million people worldwide, this orange presents a health hazard.

While hospitals, labs and other commercial facilities have a vast selection of sterilization equipment from which to choose, those with compromised immune systems had few options when it came to home food sterilization equipment.

3D Clean UV Sterilizer

Bacteria from food

More than 150 primary immunodeficiency diseases and other health related conditions can increase the body’s susceptibility to infection from food.

The Situation

Sterilization device

3D Clean approached PDT to develop a revolutionary sterilization device with the mission to answer this threat as well as provide a unique solution for general sterilization.

Developing a Unique Solution

Exploded view of sterilization device containing and reflecting UV light

360° sterilization of 99.9% of bacteria in one 30 second operation was achieved by containing and reflecting the UV light while optimizing the use of a unique quartz glass.

Achieving the Goal

Intuitive touch interface

The challenge of presenting a universally understandable experience led to a unique and intuitive touch user interface that can be easily wiped clean.


3D Clean UV Sterilizer

PDT presented 3D clean with a breakthrough device that turns the task of eradicating bacteria into a simple, routine operation.

A Breakthrough Device

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